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Saturday, April 23, 2011

SO... i'm gonna tell the tale according to how i remember this...
on December of 2010 i went to San Digo's venue "SOMA" (which is a fantastic place for shows) to see the Voodoo Glow Skulls.
one fo the opening bands was this local band called "LEXINGTON FIELD" who i had never known anything aout before. i was... in AWE of their performance and moshed happier than i had in months.

after their performance, i saw some of the band members in the audience, but was too shy to say "HEY! you were awesome up there!" ESPECIALLY their fiddle player, Cami Smith.

the evening went on, the following bands were... pretty dandy and of course, the Voodoo Glow Skulls kicked major awesomeness.
pretty much, the night was grand.

When i returned to LA, a few days later, i just had to do a fun fanart sketch fo this new discovery. it was a fun sketch to do and i figured... why not... send them the sketch with no...major plans, other than to say "thank you for the music and the moments".

a few days later, lead singer and guitarist, Beau Gray replied with positive comments on the sketch. obviously, i was psyched. not too later, again... he asked for some more pieces for their on-coming album... i had no words, other than to dork out like a little kid for how, some awesome band had just commissioned me to album art. LITERALLY... a dream come true. immediately, i began working on it and after joy, feedback, comments and GREAT COMMUNICATION... the final results can now be seen in their new album "old dirt road".

Ok.. i'm gonna dork out for a moment here and blame it on the wine, BUT.... today, i received my very own copies of the album in the mail, and... i couldnt help to wanna show it around, because... i'm SO proud to have been involved with these musicians. AND goes to show... dreams DO come true.
i DO hope this is only the beginning of something wider, bigger and amazing.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Lexington Field for your belief, trust and positivity. is where you can find them and they're also on FACEBOOK and MYSPACE.

well... that's the tale from my perspective... i wonder what they saw...

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